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About Duomo

In the year 2000, I had the privilege of experiencing Italy. My favourite city was Florence, the 'Renaissance city'. The romance of it's history swept me off my feet as I marveled at works by greats such as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Donatello and the architectural masterpiece of Brunelleschi being the Dome or 'Duomo' in the heart of Florence.

As I strolled through the cobbled alleys, I watched many artisans, in their 'bottega', perfecting their craft on exquisite pieces, some being marble, others fine timber, but the work that caught my eye was the fine and detailed craft of leather binding. The smell of the hand coloured and supple leather and the old tools with which they created each individual book was captivating. The techniques they have mastered were passed on from generation to generation. It was at that moment a love affair with Italy and it's fine stationery began.

It seemed only logical, when branding this range, to dedicate it to Brenelleschi's DUOMO as it is the essence and identifying signature of Florence. Hence DUOMO was born. Since then, there have been years of research to find the artisans with the most delightful and interesting pieces. One who is fastidious about it's quality and it's ancient traditions. You must hold a DUOMO piece and breathe in it's aroma to truly appreciate it, however, I hope you will find the photographs within this website a pleasure to your visual senses until all of your senses have the opportunity to be charmed.